Toy Store Fun!

Friday night, GF and I went to the soon to be closing down toy store Hidden Desires. (Jacksonville NC readers should know that it’s between Subway and Priscilla’s on Western Blvd). They’re closing down (last day is May 7th) and have marked down their inventory to crazily low prices.

We were on a mission, too, and Feeldoe was on the shopping list. And it was $20. GF also got a glass dildo. It’s curved with balls at the end. She likes it.

GF tried the Feeldoe on to see how the bulb end would feel. She liked it and really liked it when the bullet was activated. She liked it so much that she got off just by me pressing the three ribs into her clit.

I can’t wait for her to fuck me in the ass with the Feeldoe.


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