What I like

Here’s a quick introduction to the stuff I like…

  • Oral (giving and receiving) – I really really really like going down on a woman (and a particular woman at that!). I’ve really liked receiving oral from my GF. She’s great at it and is the first woman that’s made me consistently get off with her mouth.
  • Kissing – I really like kissing. In fact, I love just making out. The rubbing, the touching, and just kissing for hours.
  • Toys – I really enjoy using toys, on her and myself. Previous partners weren’t really into it, so I’m definitely having fun using different toys different ways. Expect a post with all my toys soon!
  • Butt play – I really like having my ass played with…I’ve used butt plugs for years, but I’ve got my mind set on her giving my ass a good workout with a Feeldoe. Mmm…I get excited just thinking about it. I also enjoy giving her ass some lovin’. She’s new to it, but definitely enjoys the plugs we have and we’re working on her taking my cock.

Really? I like everything and anything with the exception of bathroom stuff, blood, pain, and serious BDSM (I’m not judging or saying anything’s wrong with that stuff, but it just doesn’t work for me).

What’re you into?


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